Why World AIDS Day Is Important To Us

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
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December 1, 2013
8:47 a.m.

December 1st is World AIDS Day. We asked a wide range of gay performers, public figures, celebrities and scenesters why this day is important to them.


Pandora Boxx (drag queen and comedian)


“World AIDS Day is important because it is important to realize that it is still a huge problem in the world and with the rise of unprotected sex going on, we need to create dialogue on HIV and AIDS even more. Only through diligence, education and intelligence can we truly find a cure one day. My heart goes out to all of those who have passed or are suffering from this merciless diseases.”


Chi Chi LaRue (producer)


“It’s time to care.”

Vicky Vox (drag queen)


“Knowledge is power. Power is sexy. I believe in HIV=!”

(From the new campaign with Jack Mackenroth)


Bright Light Bright Light (pop singer)


“World AIDS day is important not only to remind people that the disease is still an ongoing concern, but also to get rid of the taboo that it’s had in past generations. It’s so important to raise awareness of HIV and how you can avoid, prevent, live with and survive it, and how it’s different from AIDS, and any event or speech that can help people understand a very important and far reaching disease makes a huge difference.”


Maddelynn Hatter (drag queen)


“World AIDS Day is important to me because its a reminder that this fight isn’t over. We haven’t forgotten, and we’re going to continue until this thing is done and over with!”


eur-O-steve (DJ)


“We must fight the apathetic attitudes towards AIDS, and world AIDS day gives us the platform to do this – and especially help the smaller localized support groups whenever we can.”


Charlie Hides (performer)


“WAD is an important opportunity to remind people that HIV is still around and that young people are still becoming infected. Most of the friends I had when I was twenty never made it to thirty. I have photo albums full of pics of me and all my friends, groups of smiling handsome, smart, talented young men who caught the virus and died way too young. In many of those group photos I’m the only survivor. And that was at a time when AIDS was on the 6pm news every night. And there was a lot more prevention awareness which makes it even more important now for me to SHOUT… have fun but please stay safe.”


Matthew Hodson (Chief Executive GMFA)

Matthew Hodson GMFA

“World AIDS Day gives us an opportunity to focus on HIV and to tackle ignorance, complacency and stigma. Take the opportunity to talk with your friends about your personal experience of HIV. Talk about testing and treatment, about safer sex and staying in control. Remember the lives that have been lost and think about what we can all do to prevent new infections, help others and reduce stigma. World AIDS Day is meaningful if we make it so.”

Lee Harris (DJ)


“I think it’s important to get the message across about getting tested and knowing you status, plus raising money for the charities!”



“World AIDS Day is important to us because every day people are still dying, because education is key in fighting the spread of the disease, because we have friends and lovers who are still battling HIV/AIDS.”

Cory Lee (model)


“There is a reason we have things like World AIDS Day and all the fund raisers and even billboards to raise awareness. It’s because HIV/aids is an epidemic. It’s so important to be aware of your status and play responsibly.”

Jackie Beat (drag queen)


“It’s very important to keep repeating the message of Safe Sex. I realize we have made great strides, but my message to young people today is still USE A CONDOM!”

Charlie David (producer/actor)


“Bringing attention to World AIDS Day is more important than ever as we have transitioned into an era when being HIV+ is a manageable illness and hopefully in the near future we will have a new generation with no new transmissions. Unfortunately today we are experiencing a rapid rise in new occurrences – especially in young people which is why I made the documentary Positive Youth – to get the word out that this is not over and it’s our responsibility to end this now. We have the education, now it’s really about each of us making a pledge to take the responsible lifestyle choices necessary in order to protect ourselves and each other.”

Matt Zarley (singer/songwriter)


“World AIDS Day is important to remind us of the struggles and triumphs that this disease has caused. Tho treatments are better and people are living longer, we must not forget all the unbelievable people that lost their battle to this disease. For me, World Aids Day is a tribute to them.”

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