Xtremen Boxers Form To Muscle Hunk Alex

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June 7, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Alex is buff and ready for battle in his Xtremen boxers. The new photoshoot by Armando Adajar captures the athlete in six of the brand’s boxer designs. And as a bonus, Adajar catches Alex in a black brief that’s essentially a sporty take on the most essential of men’s underwear designs. Lucky for us, Alex brings his boxing gloves, and a football helmet to the shoot. Fans of athletic men will appreciate this one.

Every pair of Xtremen boxers modeled by Alex has a body hugging fit that’s flattering, but for a functional purpose. Almost all of the brand’s boxer designs are made from moisture-wicking materials. The contoured fit of Xtremen boxers stays close to Alex’s skin, making them even better at keeping him dry.

The Xtremen Performance Boxer Brief 51340 is designed with longer legs and uses more of the breathable material. The fabric’s elasticity also makes the boxer ideal for guys with larger legs. Even boxers the brand’s standard boxer brief cut are still slightly longer than typical boxer briefs. The fabric’s longer length still forms to Alex’s muscular thighs. Check them out– they’re just as sculpted as his abs.

Armando Adajar also shot Alex wearing the Microfiber Brief 41306. It’s more modern than his Xtremen boxers. The soft material has a silky finish, and is cut wide when most of today’s briefs rock a narrow, hip brief cut. Pouch aside, the sexy brief is narrow, but square. It gives the brief an almost retro finish. But like is like any pair designed by Xtremen, the Microfiber Brief 41306 has a broad waistband with bold contrasting text in neon green.

You can see more of Xtremen on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

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