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Morris Chapdelaine

November 3, 2011
3:39 p.m.


Out Gay Celebrity Love or just good buddies??

Michael Matson of brings us this bit of gossip today…

‘During 2011, Glee’s Jonathan Groff and Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto were frequently spotted palling around Los Angeles and New York, generating industry whispers that the two men are dating. Now that Quinto has joined Groff as an openly gay actor, those whispers have gone from speculation to outright declaration of truth by theNational Enquirer.

In its November 14th issue, the tabloid claims 34-year-old Quinto and 26-year-old Groff have been dating since last year, but Quinto “felt he couldn’t take their romance public—until now.”

We know that stories in the Enquirer have to be taken with a grain of salt, despite the publication being right about Senator John Edwards’ affair and love child. Still, it’s nice to see the media speculate about gay romances the same way they do with straight ones. The Enquirer piece evens ends on a happy and hopeful note:

“’Zachary and Jonathan are incredibly happy together and very much in love,’ said the source. ‘Who knows? The next step could be marriage.’”


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